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After a brief phone or email screening the first intake session is scheduled at a time that is mutually convenient.  For children at or below the age of 13, typically only parents attend the intake session.  For children and individuals 14 through 17, parents are often included for a portion of the first intake session.  Adults ages 18 and older typically attend the intake session independently.  During the intake session I learn more about the presenting problems and I start to formulate a clinical picture of possible causes and solutions to these problems.  I also help the families or individuals begin to prioritize their therapeutic goals.  Finally, I provide the clients with an opportunity to ask me any questions they have about me or my approach.  If at the end of the session all participants feel that working together would be productive, we schedule either a second intake or begin scheduling our treatment sessions. When possible I also conduct a full record review and speak with any other treating doctors .  Records and evaluations from schools or other medical providers could be useful to my understanding of the client. All sessions are approximately 55 minutes.

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