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Dandelion Fields


Presentation Topics

Applied Behavior Analysis: Data Collection and Data Analysis
Anxiety Disorders: Diagnosis and Treatment
Autism: What is it and how do we treat it?
Bus Driver and Bus Matron Training
Completing Behavior Intervention Plans
Coping with the Stress of Motherhood; A Cognitive Behavioral Model
Decreasing Problem Behaviors
Designing Educational Programs
Discrete Trial Training
Educating Children with Autism: A Training for School Administrators
Functional Behavior Assessment
Graphing Conventions and Procedures
Incidental Teaching Techniques and Language Development
Increasing Independence in the Home and the Community
Mood Induction and Setting Events
Motivational Systems and techniques
OCD vs. Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Identification and Treatment of Repetitive Behavior
Opt-out vs. Time-out
Responding to Interfering Behaviors at Home and in the Community
Technology Dependence and Addiction
Topics in Parent Training: Introductory and Advanced

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