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Autism spectrum disorder (or ASD) is a condition related to neurological development.  Individuals with ASD experience problems in social interaction and communication and often exhibit limited and repetitive patterns of rigid thinking and behavior.  This rigidity can make functioning in everyday life very difficult.   The term "spectrum" in autism spectrum disorder refers to the wide range of symptoms and severity.

While there is no cure for ASD, my goal of treatment is to maximize an individual’s ability to function and live a satisfying life.  I use research based techniques to reduce the interfering ASD symptoms while maximizing strengths of the individual.  I employ a great deal of parent support and training in my work children with ASD who are under the age of 18.  Please read more about these services in the Parent Training and Support section.


I am available to complete Autism Spectrum Disorder Screenings or Evaluations.  Some or all of the following are completed:


Record Review

Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-2

Social Responsiveness Scale-2

Childhood Autism Rating Scale-Second Addition

Autism Diagnostic Interview- Revised

Parent Interview

Direct Observation

Interviews with other treating professionals

School Observation (when applicable)


Raising children is stressful, and raising a child with developmental or emotion needs can be downright overwhelming.  Parent training is a large component of all of my work when the client is 16 or younger.  Families planning on bringing their children to me should be as prepared to work as hard as they expect their child will!  I began working in the field with a strong desire for empowering parents and over the years this has expanded into a passion for helping parents and children develop and maintain deeply meaningful and satisfying relationships with each other.


Applied Behavior Analysis: Data Collection and Data Analysis
Asperger’s Syndrome
Anxiety Disorders: Diagnosis and Treatment
Autism: What is it and how do we treat it?
Bus Driver and Bus Matron Training
Completing Behavior Intervention Plans
Coping with the Stress of Motherhood; A Cognitive Behavioral Model
Decreasing Problem Behaviors
Designing Educational Programs
Discrete Trial Training
Educating Children with Autism: A Training for School Administrators
Functional Behavior Assessment
Graphing Conventions and Procedures
Incidental Teaching Techniques and Language Development
Increasing Independence in the Home and the Community
Mood Induction and Setting Events
Motivational Systems and techniques
OCD vs. Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Identification and Treatment of Repetitive Behavior
Opt-out vs. Time-out
Responding to Interfering Behaviors at Home and in the Community
Technology Dependence and Addiction
Topics in Parent Training: Introductory and Advanced


I can assist all New York State residents located on Long Island, Upstate and in the 5 boroughs through secure video conferencing. This allows my patients to work with me through the comfort of their own home or office and makes treatment an easier option with no travel and the utmost convenience. Video conferencing is available for both adults and children.

Services: Services
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